Hello, my name is Jamel Rottier and I was born and raised in Michigan, I am one of twelve kids in my family. I recently just returned back to the North after living in Colorado for a few years.

My plans for the future is to gain my master’s degree in public health from the University of Michigan and to prevent the Flint water crisis from ever repeating itself, no child and or people should ever have to go through such a disastrous thing. They continue to have no clean water to this very day, I will continue to let people know that this issue is not fixed yet and when my time comes I will give my all to prevent it from happening anywhere.

While in Colorado I studied at PPCC and UCCS, this is where I found my love for philosophy and the deep and meaningful conversations one can have. I believe it to be important for everyone to study philosophy especially ethics, I find that many in the medical field lack critical thinking skills. They lack the compassion side of things, they fail at being able to see things from other peoples point of views. Philosophy teaches these skills and many other things that can change how a person sees and thinks, life is too short and precious for people to treat each other like cannon fodder.

Besides my passion for philosophy and of working in the medical field, I have a passion for the country lifestyle. I grew up in the country on a farm, I love horses, cows and many other farm animals. I love to walk on dirt roads, walk on golf courses at night and any other place my feet take me. There is something special, something tranquil when one sits on a porch or even lay in the grass and watches the sunset and the stars brighten up the sky.

I am also a writer for The Odyssey online newspaper, feel free to check out my weekly articles. In addition to that I am in the process of wrapping up one of my first books that will be hitting the shelves and Amazon soon will keep you updated.

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