Tech Careers

We are living in a time of specialized skills and trades, from plumbers and electricians to tech support and data collectors. It is an exciting time to in the marketing business, there are so many ways to launch a marketing campaign from big to small. From strictly social media campaigns, to in person and TV ad campaigns; everything is becoming more accessible. Here listed below are a few of those said jobs, just to give you a glimpse of what it takes to get a marketing position.

SEO Specialist. 

Active Marketing Services.

Bachelor Degree in marketing and or business, two years of proven SEO experience.

Perform back-link analysis, opportunity identification, solicitation and optimization. Measure and track key SEO metrics that will be included in clients monthly KPI report. Optimize copy and landing pages for search engine marketing. Develop and implement link building strategy.

These are a few of things that one needs to be ready to do if hired.

Web Content Specialist. 

Summit Sports, LLC.,-LLC/jobs/Web-Content-Specialist-1f8b1294283fce86?q=SEO+Specialist

Entry level, a degree is preferred but not required.

Basic knowledge of SEO and ability to produce keywords for products being written about is a plus. Basic knowledge of HTML with the ability to edit embedded content a plus. Comfortable producing in fast-paced, deadline driven environments.

Here are a few tasks that one will be performing on a day to day basis.

Web Specialist. 

Quicken Loans.

Two years of experience.

Knowledge of Adobe Omniture and Oracle Maxymiser. Firm understanding of blog, lead generation and SEO best practices. Web development experience and advanced knowledge of front-end development and/or technologies. Analytics and tracking knowledge.

These are the top duties and tasks that this position will be doing on a daily basis.

Digital Public Relations and Outreach Specialist. 

Eastern Michigan University.

Bachelor Degree, preferably in communications or public relations.

Three years of experience.

Ability to use Microsoft Word and PhotoShop or InDesign.  Ability to produce photographs, short videos and basic infographics.

Social Media/ SEO Specialist. 

Adna Creative.

One year in media marketing experience.

One year in engine marketing experience.

Build and execute social media strategy through competitive research, platform determination, benchmarking, messaging and audience identification. Generate, edit, publish and share daily content (original text, images, video or HTML) that builds meaningful connections and encourages community members to take action.

These are a few of the tech/ social media jobs out there and available, now you can find these jobs and other positions on many websites. I used, it is one of my main sources for searching for positions. Believe it or not you can find really good jobs on Craigslist as well, I have actually gotten a job off of there for a nonprofit.



The Business Card

We live in a time where technology is king, where people are constantly plugged into their phones. We live in a time where you can order a pizza over the internet and then pay with a swipe of your phone, a time where business meetings are done via Skype. A time where people schedule meetings and events on digital calender’s and then will email each other calendar as a remind, yet there is one thing that remains important and sees no decline in the days to come; this would be the business card.

Think about it, business cards. These small double side pieces of paper still to this very day are important to any business. With all the technology that’s available to us, the business remains the same. The never dying question of “Do you have a business card?” will be one of the most asked questions when networking and trying to get customers to purchase your product or services.

You don’t even have to make them yourself, plenty of places in person and online will create them for you. But if you have time and want to get creative yourself, it is pretty simple to do. I took a wack at it recently with InDesign, it’s nothing super fantastic its just simple and light.

This is what it looks like during the process.


Rottier, J. (April 3rd 2017) InDesign screenshot [JPEG].

Screenshot (23)

Rottier, J. (April 3rd 2017) InDesign screenshot [JPEG].

This is the end result. Nice, clean and has a bit of an airy feel to it, sorry if the text is a little blurry.

Dealing with Racism after Adoption.

I recently was going through and doing some research with Google Ads Keywords Tool I entered in some common keywords when someone wants to look up my blog or other things, I then thought to myself “hey why not get creative for a few moments” I took the five keywords that were recommended to me and tried to tell a story, or a short quick message with the keywords that I was given.

Interesting enough, this is what I was recommended.

Screenshot (21)

Rottier, J. (March 17, 2017). Google Ads Keywords Tool screenshot [JPEG]. Retrieved from

Of the ten, these are the five that were recommended to me, this is the result below.

Racial discrimination today has taken on a different form, racism hasn’t died it has just evolved.

These color blindness symptoms are different from the condition of not being able to see color with eyes, these are symptoms of not seeing the color of one’s skin. Understanding that it is just skin, that one is unable to choose the color of their skin.

The fact that interracial adoption is looked down upon and sometimes even mocked is nothing more than people’s ignorance, this like racism won’t end it will just evolve.

When it comes to healthcare, there is no color all that matters is helping and saving people. To do the best that we can for someone who is in pain, to comfort and offer care. There is no room or even time to be racist, to even care about skin color.

My personal philosophy when it comes to racism is quite simple, so what? That is that person’s choice to be that way, not my problem. Like someone trying to bate you into a fight, what’s the point? Be the bigger person and walk, I have grown up with racists and I understand that it can be hard to just walk, but the best things life aren’t easy.






I came across a husky the other day, it reminded me of my old dog. Siberian huskies are beautiful dogs, the one I had did not lack at all in this category. The crazy thing about him was his personality matched mine to a T, calm, quiet and liked to walk for hours and hours; even found ourselves lost in the mountains more than once.

With this encounter I decided to find one of my favorite pictures of my Husky and mess with it a little bit in Photoshop, you can view the photos below.

This is the original photo, he was roaming around my Amish barn while I was loading things up. I caught a quick picture before he noticed


Rottier, J (October 2nd 2013) Roaming. Caledonia, Michigan

A filter added to make it feel warm, almost like right before the sun has set.


Rottier, J. (March 1st, 2017) Retrieved from Photoshop.

Can you notice what is missing below?


Rottier, J. (March 1st, 2017.) Retrieved from Photoshop.

This was my awesome dog, hopefully this picture captured his calm nature and gentle heart. One of his favorite things to do was to walk around downtown where kids would want to pet him and call him beautiful. yeah he was that vain at times.






Become Inspired

I tend to walk a lot, it’s just one of my many quirks. With this quirk I find myself noticing how people become so busy with constantly having to do something or be somewhere, and with all the hustle and bustle they are missing out on wonderful moments.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to be busy, but I am saying people need to at times take a step back for a moment and enjoy the moment. Enjoy being alive, be thankful for where you are in life, look around and see the beauty that surrounds you.

I made a small video, sort of capturing these fleeting moments that pass us by without even a wave goodbye.Below is a little behind the scenes look with a rough storyboard and timeline


Rottier, J. (February 23rd 2017) Storyboardthat Screenshot (JPEG) Retrieved from


Rottier, J. (February 23rd 2017) Timeline Final Cut Pro 7.

Rottier, J. (February 23rd 2017) Inspired Moments. [Video File]




Choose What You Wear Wisely

I get asked a lot about why I dress nicely, why wear a suit when it’s just casual day at the office everyday. My answer is always I want to do my best and show that I care, I believe in whatever company I am working for I will represent them the best way that I can and a suit and tie shows that.

Aside from that I love to dress nicely, its just one of my things. I  actually sold dresses for Davids Bridal for awhile, I am probably one of the few guys you’ll ever meet who knows what a sweetheart neckline is, or a mermaid style dress is.

There is just something about suits and dresses that catches the eyes of people, people take notice of you. Gone are the days it seems where people cared about what they wore in public, where suits and dresses were common wear. When a guy wears a suit (properly) he looks good and he feels good about himself, when a woman wears a dress (proper length) she looks good and feels great about herself. People take notice of that confidence, they respect it as well.

I decided to make a quick infographic using, it is a very straightforward website. It’s free but also you can pay for the fancy features, I chose this cause it was easy to jump into and I thought to myself “Hey lets make a quick infographic about dressing for success” If you like to dress up and people question you about it ignore em, you look good and someday it’ll payoff whether its a free upgrade to first class on a plane (yes it happens) or someone thinking you are a expert and want your advice. In the end what matters is what makes you happy.


Rottier, J. (February 10, 2016). Choose what you wear wisely screenshot [JPEG]. Retrieved from

That was unexpected

Life has a lot of unexpected twist and turns, sometimes people are given names that are unique and different. With this it can make a person easy to google and for some of us who like to browse through Facebook (Facebook stalk, lets be honest) it can be a challenge at times to google their names and find the person, well for me personally I decided to try out Brandyourself and well I realized I am way too easy to find.

Now this website is where you are able to in a sense manipulate the search engine and within time pick what you want to show up and what you want to disappear. Kind of like Facebook in the early days when you could just untag yourself and the picture wouldn’t appear, this works the same way to a point. Now after I signed up  Brandyourself did its thing, my grade came up and unexpectedly it was this.


Jamel, R.,(Febuary, 2, 2017)Brand yourself report card screenshot(JPEG) Retrieved

Not a bad score right? I believe this is because of a few things, from my last name Rottier and even my first name Jamel, due to it being French it kind of rolls of the tongue but regardless this name is nowhere near normal. A few other reasons would be my activity online and in the professional world. You can even find a few pictures of me from a news conference, if you have the patience to search that far.

Brandyourself is a great way of watching and maintaining one’s brand, don’t worry if you get a bad grade because give it time you can work it up to an A. Like a credit score, all it takes is time and patience.