Paying Due

There is an old adage about how we all must pay our dues, its a part of life and is expected for the majority of people. In this sense, paying your dues is doing something that you aren’t fond of. Whether it’s taking a job at the bottom of a company, or having to work third shift in order to move up to first shift later on.

There is another form of paying dues and that is doing everything the right way and not receiving notice for it, you work hard in everything that you do and yet everyone around you catches breaks and dream jobs while you remain in limbo. I understand this form of paying dues all to well, I’ve known many people who were just handed great jobs without having to go to a university.

It is hard to watch people get handed things in life at times, but have hope. Continue to work hard, finish school and one day someday you will get a dream job. It is how I continue each and every day, I have yet to receive any breaks but I still have hope that someday it’ll happen for me as well.

Video Conferencing

There are times where you just can’t make it to the meeting, but in these current times we live in, we have technology that allows us to be in places that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to. There is, Skype and even FaceTime all of these are good ways of video conferencing.


Rottier, J. (March 8th 2017) Video Conference. Caledonia, Michigan.

I tend to stick with either or Skype, they have both been very reliable and just my personal preference.

With Video conferencing you have a chance to network with people in person (sort of) I have made great connections with people from video conferences from around the U.S. I began with just conferences with people in the front offices of the Detroit Pistons, then the Colorado Rapids and now its bloomed to people in Kansas City to New Orleans. Video Conferencing allowed that to happen, so get out there and give it a shot see where it could lead you and the people you may meet.

Networking is Simple

Due to my time as a Ski Patroller and Paramedic, I had the chance to help with the National Radiological Emergency Preparedness Conference Inc. This event brought back memories from my training days during paramedic school,  as a Ski Patroller I get that feeling occasionally but not too much due to being a seasoned Patroller these days.

I spent time helping people setup their booths, getting a first look at the new devices and practices as well. Even getting a chance to meet a few of the keynote speakers and getting a chance to ask those who were going to lead the workshops throughout the day.


Rottier, J. (April 12th 2017) Amway Grand Hotel, Grand Rapids Michigan.

Picture above is a behind the scenes look at the main area of booths, few hours before people start to arrive (calm before the storm)


Rottier, J. (April 12th 2017) Amway Grand Hotel, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Here is a list of vendors and companies that are present for the conference, people from RadResponder Network were some of my favorite people to talk to and learn from.

Only reason I had the chance to volunteer and help with this event was because of past network connections, connections I made from past work experiences and just chatting and getting to know people.