When it comes to being a SEO specialist, there is one thing that a person can do to separate themselves from the pack. That is getting Google certified in either Google AdWords or Google Analytics or both, but let me warn you if you think it’ll be a breeze you are in for a world of hurt.


Rottier, J. (April 23rd 2017) Google AdWords Screenshot [JPEG]

In order to pass you need to get a minimum of 80% of the questions correct, the Google Analytics test is 70 questions while the AdWords is 100. Here is the shocker, if you do not pass you have to wait 7 days before being able to retake the test. The Brightside of this whole thing is that both tests are completely free, all that is required is your time.

I recommend taking the time to study, watch the training videos, take notes and study as much as possible. Doing a test like this online seems easy and straight forward, but most people once they hit the 20 or 30 question mark become antsy. They become impatience and start clicking answers quicker so to hurry the test up and be done, this is normal so don’t be alarmed it happened to me more then I would like to admit. But take the time to study and you will pass, shoot for the 100% instead of the 80%. I will admit I just wanted to pass but after failing for my sixth time I finally buckled down and said “I’m getting 100% my next time” I chose to take the Google Analytics exam over the AdWords, I found it more interesting and wanted to learn more. Below is a picture of what it looks like to get 100% on the analytics exam.


Rottier,J. (April 23rd 2017) Google Partners Screenshot [JPEG].

it is not easy. I used notes, practice tests, watched and re-watched all the training videos (not going to lie some are slow and boring) but in the end it was worth to get that score. Now some people are better at test taking then others, there is no shame in that and they will pass this easy peasy. But for those who struggle with tests, especially ones taken on computers this is for you in the sense of never quit; if I can do it so can you.

Why get these certificates? because as a SEO specialist they benefit you not just in your personal life and brand but in your professional life as well. Being able to show to future employers and other professionals that you posses the certificates will go a long way, people tend to think that they are a waste of time. But this is a false belief, I know plenty of people who have gotten farther in life and have larger incomes because of certificates compared to others with bachelor degrees.


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