Social Management

Let’s be honest for a moment, sometimes we forget things. What I mean by this is that there is a lot of social media out there, sometimes it is hard to tweet everything when you want to or make a post about something quickly. Life is busy, but there is a small hack if you will that will help you get certain tweets out when you want. There are platforms out there like Hootsuite or the Tweetdeck  I like the Tweetdeck just because I like the layout and flow of it.

With either platform, you can schedule your tweets to whenever you want from early morning to late at night. Check out my schedule tweets below using Tweetdeck, I scheduled five but you may only see four and a quarter of the fifth. They are all to the right corner.

Screenshot (24)

Rottier, J. (April 21st 2017) Tweetdeck screenshot [JPEG].

It is pretty simple to use, and can keep you on top of things and keeps you tweeting even when you are busy.


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