The Business Card

We live in a time where technology is king, where people are constantly plugged into their phones. We live in a time where you can order a pizza over the internet and then pay with a swipe of your phone, a time where business meetings are done via Skype. A time where people schedule meetings and events on digital calender’s and then will email each other calendar as a remind, yet there is one thing that remains important and sees no decline in the days to come; this would be the business card.

Think about it, business cards. These small double side pieces of paper still to this very day are important to any business. With all the technology that’s available to us, the business remains the same. The never dying question of “Do you have a business card?” will be one of the most asked questions when networking and trying to get customers to purchase your product or services.

You don’t even have to make them yourself, plenty of places in person and online will create them for you. But if you have time and want to get creative yourself, it is pretty simple to do. I took a wack at it recently with InDesign, it’s nothing super fantastic its just simple and light.

This is what it looks like during the process.


Rottier, J. (April 3rd 2017) InDesign screenshot [JPEG].

Screenshot (23)

Rottier, J. (April 3rd 2017) InDesign screenshot [JPEG].

This is the end result. Nice, clean and has a bit of an airy feel to it, sorry if the text is a little blurry.


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