Dealing with Racism after Adoption.

I recently was going through and doing some research with Google Ads Keywords Tool I entered in some common keywords when someone wants to look up my blog or other things, I then thought to myself “hey why not get creative for a few moments” I took the five keywords that were recommended to me and tried to tell a story, or a short quick message with the keywords that I was given.

Interesting enough, this is what I was recommended.

Screenshot (21)

Rottier, J. (March 17, 2017). Google Ads Keywords Tool screenshot [JPEG]. Retrieved from

Of the ten, these are the five that were recommended to me, this is the result below.

Racial discrimination today has taken on a different form, racism hasn’t died it has just evolved.

These color blindness symptoms are different from the condition of not being able to see color with eyes, these are symptoms of not seeing the color of one’s skin. Understanding that it is just skin, that one is unable to choose the color of their skin.

The fact that interracial adoption is looked down upon and sometimes even mocked is nothing more than people’s ignorance, this like racism won’t end it will just evolve.

When it comes to healthcare, there is no color all that matters is helping and saving people. To do the best that we can for someone who is in pain, to comfort and offer care. There is no room or even time to be racist, to even care about skin color.

My personal philosophy when it comes to racism is quite simple, so what? That is that person’s choice to be that way, not my problem. Like someone trying to bate you into a fight, what’s the point? Be the bigger person and walk, I have grown up with racists and I understand that it can be hard to just walk, but the best things life aren’t easy.




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