Choose What You Wear Wisely

I get asked a lot about why I dress nicely, why wear a suit when it’s just casual day at the office everyday. My answer is always I want to do my best and show that I care, I believe in whatever company I am working for I will represent them the best way that I can and a suit and tie shows that.

Aside from that I love to dress nicely, its just one of my things. I  actually sold dresses for Davids Bridal for awhile, I am probably one of the few guys you’ll ever meet who knows what a sweetheart neckline is, or a mermaid style dress is.

There is just something about suits and dresses that catches the eyes of people, people take notice of you. Gone are the days it seems where people cared about what they wore in public, where suits and dresses were common wear. When a guy wears a suit (properly) he looks good and he feels good about himself, when a woman wears a dress (proper length) she looks good and feels great about herself. People take notice of that confidence, they respect it as well.

I decided to make a quick infographic using, it is a very straightforward website. It’s free but also you can pay for the fancy features, I chose this cause it was easy to jump into and I thought to myself “Hey lets make a quick infographic about dressing for success” If you like to dress up and people question you about it ignore em, you look good and someday it’ll payoff whether its a free upgrade to first class on a plane (yes it happens) or someone thinking you are a expert and want your advice. In the end what matters is what makes you happy.


Rottier, J. (February 10, 2016). Choose what you wear wisely screenshot [JPEG]. Retrieved from

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