That was unexpected

Life has a lot of unexpected twist and turns, sometimes people are given names that are unique and different. With this it can make a person easy to google and for some of us who like to browse through Facebook (Facebook stalk, lets be honest) it can be a challenge at times to google their names and find the person, well for me personally I decided to try out Brandyourself and well I realized I am way too easy to find.

Now this website is where you are able to in a sense manipulate the search engine and within time pick what you want to show up and what you want to disappear. Kind of like Facebook in the early days when you could just untag yourself and the picture wouldn’t appear, this works the same way to a point. Now after I signed up  Brandyourself did its thing, my grade came up and unexpectedly it was this.


Jamel, R.,(Febuary, 2, 2017)Brand yourself report card screenshot(JPEG) Retrieved

Not a bad score right? I believe this is because of a few things, from my last name Rottier and even my first name Jamel, due to it being French it kind of rolls of the tongue but regardless this name is nowhere near normal. A few other reasons would be my activity online and in the professional world. You can even find a few pictures of me from a news conference, if you have the patience to search that far.

Brandyourself is a great way of watching and maintaining one’s brand, don’t worry if you get a bad grade because give it time you can work it up to an A. Like a credit score, all it takes is time and patience.

3 thoughts on “That was unexpected

  1. Wow that’s the highest score I’ve seen and initial score be! I have a much more common name so I’ll need have some patience as I work on my score the rest of the semester. Good luck on making the final push to get that A.


  2. Super impressed with (and kind of jealous of) your score! I know you cited your unique name as one of the main reasons for your high score, but I’m interested to know how active you are on different social media platforms. Do you frequently utilize Facebook/twitter/linkedin, etc? If you do, that’s even more impressive because it shows that you’re very smart about your posts!


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